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Left! - The Impossible Game

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How far can you get when you can only turn left?

Come have a try at the impossible game Left!

-- How To Play --

Tap the screen to change direction to the left by 90 degrees. Collect the Red cubes and avoid the obstacles along the way!

-- Obstacles --

Yellow Blocks - Static blocks that just get in your way.
Blue Blocks - Will kill you if you hit them.
Green Blocks - Patrols either left to right or up and down across the platform.
Purple Blocks - Patrols around platform changing direction ever 1.5 seconds.
Orange Blocks - Circles the Red cube.
Spikes - Comes up from the grounds

Most players can't get past platform 10!

Key Features

  • Single tap controls
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


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Left Screenshot 2
Left Screenshot 3
Left Screenshot 4